Thursday, November 18, 2010

Solstice of la Soul

A drop below zero,
With snowflakes like flour,
And an icicle of gin
Winter sneaks in
It creeps from every corner
Bringing with it the cold
Bringing with it
Dare it be said: the love
The love and the warmth
The fire of the heart
A climb into the celsius of
Winter depression
An icicle, captured by the past
And melted into now:
Happiness, gold, and desire.
A moment's pause, frozen
Slowing the heart, but easing the mind
The season of solstice,
Sneaking from all directions
Bringing ice cube gin
Sending in
Winter hatred,
But winter admiration.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Absencee of the Eye

His eyes grow weary
He sleeps into the night
The eyelids of society
Closing in beside him

His eyes force dreary
Awake, amongst the lost
The inhalation of a lover's rest
Whispering into his mind

His eyes close, leery
A widow asked to dream
An amplitude of instinction
Proven false, yes, insomnia

His eyes widen, cheery
A canyon of sophistication;
Of stereotype and of thought
A tear

His eyes, never open, never closed
The absence of la vie
The absence of all time
Deeply sought, never touched.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Poet (Part 3)

When a poet walks through the forest
The path below him is his words
The trees are his pencil
And the wind is his soul...

When a poet runs through the jungle
The rain drops are his whispers..

The earth is a poem for the poet.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We all know that I love lists. I live every passing day making lists of different things, useless things, really, but things that at least deserve a list. This week, through angry times and cheerful times, I have notice the many different ways that people say hello. Depending on who you say hello to, how well you know them, how much you like them, what mood you are in and even what country/culture you come from. It is interesting, to me, that a simple greeting can have so many different forms. And it seems to me that to say goodbye, there are not very many options, except in the words you use. However, there a numerous ways to say hello, in body language, words, and other signs. So because we all have fallen deep in love with my lists, I will provide yet another. This list? Yes, the ways that I have noticed to say hello.

-So first there is the obvious. And that is with words. "Hello" is common, or perhaps "Hey" "Hi" or "Howdy" Then wee get into "Good morning," "Good afternoon," and "Good evening." Within words alone there are several different greetings. Sometimes people don't even use 'hello' similies. Often it is "What's up?" Right of the bat, still meaning Hello, but not using the terminology. Occasionaly there is the 'silent hello' where your mouth moves to say the word, but no actual sound words come out. This could be used in a brief passing, or somethimes in a romantice situation, where the boy and the girl are seated 3 chairs down, and don't really want people to know that they're interested in each other, so they quickly make eye contact and mouth the words.

-Secondly we get into another obvious; the wave. Whether it be a subtle hand flip, or flalling of the arms. We go from a side to side to an up and down. One hand or sometimes two. "Hey Tom," Follow by simple wrist flick. Or the dramatic hockey game, which is where the arm flalling usually comes in.

-Next we have facial expressions. Each one should technically get their own line on the list, however I have grouped all the facial expressions. I will put them in sub categories, at least.
~The eyebrow raise is also common if you are just in a quick passing. You don't really have the time to chat, so a brief eyebrow raise.
~Another facial hello is the smirk. These tend to be used also in quick passing, but usually with the smile there is less eye contact and you probably don't know the person as well as you do when you actually verbalize or wave. A smile is the hello for when you don't really want to talk, but you feel the need to be polite.
~Also with the eyebrows, you can say 'Bitch, I'm saying hello to you but it ain't no friendly hello" To do this, it is easy. Just raise one brow and scan the opponent up and down with your eyes. Rolling the eyes or "pfft"-ing also gives it that extra kick.
~Funny faces are a way to say hello. Don't really know what to say or didn't really see the other person right away so a quick reflex is just a funny face. Commonly something with the lips. Perhaps making the top lip and bottom lip move to the side in opposite directions? A sexy hello in the face is a pretty wink of an eye.

-Now we lead into the head nod. We see the typical business nod, which is jolting your head in a downward motion. Picture saying "Good day sir" also in a quick passing. We also see the nod in which your head tilts backwards. A lot of 'cool guys' will use this nod as to say "Hey man, sup? I'm a skateboarder" This nod is often coinsided with the eyebrow raise.

And for now, that is my list. Every day I continually notice other ways. Hugs and kisses, or we could look into greetings culturally. However my list, for now, ends here. I hope the because of my notices, you will begin to notice hellos and their many different forms.



Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beauty Garden Story

A little while ago I watched the movie "The Secret Garden" which has become one of my favorites, and a traditional watch for a very good friend and I. As I watched this, I made a list of the 10 things it teaches me about life, and lifes bitter beauties. I posted them on my friend's wall during the credits at the end, and I was referring back to them in my mind today. The movie is wonderous, and very beautiful. Here is the list of what beauty it displays:

1. The beauty of Spring, and nature itself
2. The beauty of friendship (and being challenged towards improvement)
3. The beauty of childhood (and having those immature moments, if you're an adult)
4. The beauty of secrets (beautiful secrets, not nasty gossip ones)
5. The beauty of family
6. The beauty of India, England, and, in general, culture and the coming together of two different cultures
7. The beauty of dreaming and imagination
8. The beauty of rain (and rain displaying a happy emotion, as oppose to the common sadness, or horror, or something bad happening that is often depicted in films these days.)
9. The beauty of crying (and letting go of built up emotion)
10. Last but not least, the beauty of LOVE!

I cry. When I watch this movie, I cry. I weep. I smile. And I cherish. Watch this movie, love this movie, watch it again, and love it even more.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Poet (Part 2)

With all the thoughts,
The words, and everything
When the pencil hits the page
You become the poet

You are a poet
You are a 1800s
You are a poem for the people
And your heart?
It is a poet, too

Cranium combustion, heart attack, stroke
You believe that you need another toke
Is it really the nature outisde
That gives you such wisdom
Is it really the trees that whisper
Le mots que tu ecrit?

A poet
Does not need the trees
But always uses them
For adventure

A poet
Does not need anything but a heart.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fare Share of Care: Haikku

Everyone around
The butler enters the room
He gives you some tea

Nobody is here
The maid exits without you
She has made the bed

Someone else has come
The joker has gone away
He ponders something silly

I have now entered
Everybody else has left
They flee out of fear

I am here to stay
So people get used to me
They do not know love

I soon will discease
And those people will live on
But so will my arms

Spectacualr Is My Favorite Word, And September Fourth Was Just That.

Here we are. Almost a week later, and I suppose it is time to include a summary of my year twenty birthday. Let me first say, that I believe my records have updated to this being the best birthday of all the ones I have had.

Picture this, at 12am exactly. The first 12 seconds of my David holiday: Cupcakes. Not hand made, but hand picked from the finest of cupcake bakery, and hand delivered by the finest of man. Unexpected, watching your favorite episode of Drawn Together, and after 20 years of begging for cupcakes and only recieving ice cream cake, somebody finally provides the birthday treat of a lifetime. Someone has remembered the one thing you have always wanted on your birthday, and has also remembered one of the 3 foods on the top 3 list of favorite foods. The best.

On top of the delightful box of 6 ginormous cupcakes is a wonderfully wrapped, thin, square package with a neatly tied bow. Unravelling the gift, you discover that you have just recieved an album by one of the most beautiful, inspirational, cry-worthy artists in the entire world, Jonsi (aka the lead singer of Sigur Ros). Ecstatic!

So far, leading it's way to the greatest day of birth celebrations. So, we finish the episode of my favorite, totally racist, totally bizarre, totally shut off air, totally amazing television show, and head for some birthday intimacy in the bedroom. Which is where this paragraph comes to an end.

After only a couple hours of sleep, it is now time for love-nest to go to work. So at 6am, we arise, and I walk the fellow to work. I know what you are thinking. Why did I sleep for only 2 hours? Answer: Read the paragraph above. Why do I have to walk him to work, instead of just sleeping since I have the day off? Answer: Neither I or the roommate like when I stay at the house without lover boy. Also, if you knew anything about D.A. Higgs, you would know that his favorite time of day is the early morning. So we are walking, 15 minutes to the train, and of course, their is the most gorgeous of sunrises filling the skies above and beyond. Nothing beats a romantic walk in the sunrise with the one(s) you care about most. Thus, hand in hand, only being 6 hours into the morning, it is the best birthday, and I could have died happy right then and there.

Speaking of dying, we come to the next event. Of course, there is never a day where something weird does not happen to me; something creepy, involving drunk, or perhaps just weird, or even drugged up people. On this day, the oppurtunity for a crazy person to interact with me to not wait until mid-day or night, instead it prevailed bright and early. So the story: Waiting for the train to head home. I am holding my spectacular array of half eaten cupcakes (for they are much to large to even eat in one sitting) and stranger walks up to Lover and myself. We know the guy is drunk, he even has the hiccups, but we don't really think anything of it. I am used to being approached by drunks, so I am calm, whatever. "Where should I go?" The young lad asks. Uncertain, we just point in a direction, hoping that perhaps he will just go and leave us in peace. That did not happen. He spotted the cupcakes and this is the moment when the crazy began. If he was homeless, and obviously starving, I would not have a problem giving him one. It's the people that are hungry, but have food in a home that they live in, where fresh clothing and water also rest, that I am not as willing to share my birthday cupcakes with. Also, the last time I checked, "Give me a cupcake!!" sounds more like a rude demand than something I can admire and fall in to. "Give me a cupcake!!" Strange man bellows again. "Sorry, these are my birthday cupcakes on MY birthday." That was my reply. Then the stranger begins to go a little nuts. "I want a fucking cupcake!!! I want a fucking cupcake!!" So Lover and I decide to walk away, since to our inconvenience the train only comes every 15 minutes this early in the day. The stranger follows us. We continue walking, trying to ignore. Stranger has forgotten that it was cupcakes in my hand and yells, "Give me fucking browny. I can follow you. Give me a brownie!" We exit the C-train station, he is still legging behind. Then we see a crowd of passengers edging there way to the station. Now we are not the only ones, so we figure the psyco will calm down. Wrong again. Let's make this story a little bit shorter, I will summarize the rest. I get hit in the face with his sweater, twice. He is angry. "Give me a fucking muffin" (he forgets the food item once again) He starts to go away. He takes of his belt in the corner. He comes back, hitting the cement floor with his belt. Comes closer. Tries to hit us with his belt. Train comes. We run into it. He does not follow. We are safe. The End. Mind you, I was on the train going in the wrong direction, but I did not want to wait there with Crazy all alone, so I took the detour. I love when events like this happen. As my good friend always says "It is one of those events where you could have died, but since you didn't, it makes a great story."

The next best thing about the birthday was the safe c-train ride home. 45 minutes of listening to my ipod on the best shuffle. Often I find myself skipping through songs at a time, to find the one I am in the mood for. The whole way home, I did not have to skip a single song. The shuffle feature must have detected my birthday, and given me all the right music. It was spectacular.

An hour passes and I arrive at home. To do nothing. Or whatever I want (which was nothing.) I sat. I wrote. I watched the Wizard of Oz. And I sat. Spectacular.

At 3pm I arrive back in the southern area of the city and I meet with Lover once again, whom has just finished his delightful 8 hour shift. We hang out at his place for a couple of hours, not doing much, except perhaps some more cartoon reality television, some minor sexual favors, and of course, the glorious nap to proceed.

We arise from our nappage, and begin the journey back up north, only to meet a couple of my very best friends to enjoy a drink (or two, or maybe even one too many) and some pub grub. The ladies bought for me a spectacular gift of all the necessaties that I have been complaining about needing. They surprised me with deodarant, razors (finally I can shave my face. It has been way too long), shampoo, toothpaste (I have been keeping care of my teeth, but only with other peoples' paste) and other spectacular items.

The plan of going to the gay dance (because it was pride week/weekend) with Lover failed, and going to the gay club with Lover was a no go. Lines were too long, we were too cold, and too wet. So although I really wanted to go out for my birthday, and Lover really wanted to go out for Pride, we ixnayed those ideas, and trekked back to the homeland. Where nothing to exhilierating happend, but we enjoyed our final 2 hours of my birthday together, cuddled, snuggled, and then went to bed.

Now I have never been one for holidays, and I have for sure never been one for birthdays. I have had very minimal celebrations for my it. However, I think if every birthday were to pan out this way, and be as spectacular as that day was, I wouldn't mind the celebrations. One final thing to add on to the goodness of today, was the many phone calls from all of my best friends (or most) and the very minimal facebook messages. A phone call from my mother, and an e-mail from my mother. Those things were the icing on the cupcake. I have never felt as thought of or as cared about on a birthday, or any day, before, and on Saturday, Septemeber the Fourth of Two-Thousand and Ten, I felt so loved. I believe that is why I did not mind my birthday for this one year. You know how on your birthday people always ask "how do you feel?" and you just roll your eyes and say "I don't feel any different. I feel exactly the same." Well, this birthday, the opposite fell true. I felt older. I felt different. I felt...spectacular.

Also, I got free unlimited local calling. Thanks Telus.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mockingly in Sight (With Little) Encouragement.

There's always an insecurity
Whether it be height
Or commitment
We cover them with our impurities
Without any insight
Or attachment

People are always attacking actively
Whether it be polite
Or a nasty achievment
We try to ignore them, civily
Without any fights
Or too much conceilment

Those people don't even see clearly
Whether it be in bright light
Or without appointment
But we always take it calmly
Without plight
Or any improvement

It's hard to live so- lively
Whether or not it is the dead of night
Or with much acknowledgement
So stand up oh so bravely
Without any sign of fright
Or you will die with endless lament

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lovely Intuitions.

Imagine a life where being a homosexual is 'the norm' and heterosexuality is discriminated against and wrong. Well that is the basic plot of a play called "Heterophobia" by Pam Rocker. Originally from Texas, this Calgary author has interpreted an interesting twist on her lesbian life, and provided an astounding show to watch. A dark comedy, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think, and it even made me a little bit angry. Experiencing every emotion is one piece is quite rare, and I rather enjoyed it.

Young Grant finds herself in a pickle when she 'comes out' as a straight girl, and discovers her love for her lifelong best friend, a silly gay boy, Peter. Grant's mother is an anti-straight rights activist, and would never accept her own daughter as being non-homosexual. To her, it is simply wrong, and down right corrupt. While Peter faces similar thoughts as Grant; straight thoughts, he tries to convince Grant that their love for each other will never grow into anything. Peter just made ammends with his gay lover, whom he is preparing to move in with, and is not willing to lose the love of his fathers, friends, or even Grant's mothers. Leaving Grant upset with his denial, Peter also leaves himself upset in himself.

However dark, this show was truly amazing. I would have loved for it to be longer, as it was only about an hour long; one act, but for the whole hour I was intrigued. For almost 2 years I have been pining for Calgary Theatre, and craving to see a decent, non-advertised, non-broadway, non-mainstream show. And tonight I was deeply satisfied. With some aspects similar to my life, a very cute actor, an adorable and very talented young actress, a mother that was short in stature, and another superb lesbian-acting mother, this small cast truly set the stage and left me inspired, motivated, and incredibley optomistic.

So now I must go and do what I have been sent here to do. I must take my wisdom and passion of tonights learnings and do what Pam Rocker and her delightful team of professionals and amateurs have done. I have finished writting my first show, entitled Garden of Drudgery, displaying a small cast in a show about slavery, sisterhood, and neverending hope. It must be performed. And I will make that happen.